One of the best ways to travel through Egypt is with a cruise along the Nile, taking in the sights as you go. You can start your trip in Aswan and head south towards Luxor where you’ll find the Valley of the Kings and fascinating temple complex at Kom Ombo.

Dahabiya Style

Travelling the Nile Dahabiya is a very unique opportunity. This is an elegant, colonial style sailing boat that was originally used to transport wealthy Europeans across the water in the early nineteenth century. Your Dahabiya will normally stop off on the way so you can take in the impressive temples and excavations, including those that are slightly off the usual tourist trails.

Felucca Trip

One of the most fascinating ways to cruise the Nile is on a traditional felucca boat. This wooden sail boat has a large white sail and floats effortlessly through the river waters. Often on the Felucca cruise, you can sleep our on deck, listening to the gentle sounds of the water and wind in the sail as you sleep. You’ll probably travel from Aswan to Luxor where you can see the temple ruins at Kom Ombo and Valley of the Kings, before you head to the Red Sea for a spot of diving.

Cruise Trip

Another way to travel down the Nile is on one of the larger cruise ships, usually adding in a few more nights than the other tours and including visits to some of the most impressive historic sights. Many of the trips start in Aswan and head downstream towards Luxor. The big cruise boats on the Nile cruise trip also have space to sunbathe on deck and a swimming pool, comfortable cabins and good food.

Wander through the Valley of the Kings, float down the Nile on a felucca and wake up in the White Desert. Build your own Egypt adventure.

Relocation is a hectic job. Other than the time involved in this stringent job, you need to think of fixing a budget to hire a packing and moving service. If the volume of the items to be transferred is less, you can easily accomplish this task by hiring an efficient Removals London service from the reputed names. You will easily find the contacts in their websites. All you have to do is to place a call. The support team will direct you in every step and aid in the completion of the venture. People often prefer this service over the conventional courier or moving companies due to the various benefits it offers.Removals London

Removals London Service Over Moving Companies

If you do not have to move an entire house, then the small and medium consignments can be easily taken care of by this apt service. The plus points of hiring this service are mentioned below.

  • Stress-free

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  • Trust

This is a service that you can trust when you do not want your items to be mishandled. The service will provide professional experts who know how to pack and move the items. In fact, the service will also guarantee that your items will be shipped alone. No other consignment will be introduced in the same vehicle that might jeopardize the safety of the items. The reputation of the service has been built in years. The team is quite trustworthy. The offices also use this service to transfer their documents and important files to other addresses.

  • Financial Relief

If you are in a financial fix, you can still afford the feasible rates of the service. The rates offered by the Removals London service are far better than the commercial courier and moving companies. The reason behind such a competitive rate is that this service will deploy an optimum number of resources to get the job done on time. Less use of resources means less charge involved. There will be no hidden charges involved in this deal. Every single aspect will be transparent.

  • Flexible Service

You can easily customize the service as per your need. Even if you have an emergency and have to ship few items, you can increase the volume of the consignment in the 11th hour. There will be no hassle regarding the change in the deal.Removals London


No other service can offer such flexibility and affordable rates. The items will be transferred maintaining utmost professionalism and punctuality. Find the best Removals London service via scouting the testimonials and book it for your convenience.

Dubai desert safari

Overnight desert safari starts with evening desert safari but the difference is that evening safari finishes at 9 PM and overnight safari finishes at 9 AM morning time after night stays in desert. Morning breakfast is served too. An experienced safari driver will drive you through the exciting desert to experience a breathtaking drive in the sand dunes plus a scary dune bashing. A few stops for photo snap shots are necessary if you do not want to miss the beautiful sunset.


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The desert in evening

Spend an evening in the leave of Dubai on an exciting safari. You will find the opportunity to attempt some hill bashing in a Toyota Land cruiser, go on a camel ride, appreciate live diversion, and devour a grill buffet supper in a cordial Bedouin camp. Evening desert safari.

To invest your energy at Dubai Evening Safari Trip is a brilliant ordeal where you can catch all minutes in your camera. The trek is genuinely marvelous with astonishing sun. It begins toward the evening and advances toward its initially energizing goal a camel cultivate. Amid this rise drive, you stop on some great areas to take pictures of brilliant view. At landing, you get a shot for camel ride, or can make drawn staring you in the face. You will likewise appreciate a sand boarding.

Dinner Veg/Non Veg/ BBQ at Desert
A hot Dinner veg, non-veg& BBQ in the forsake Dubai desert safari camp joined by discretionary non-mixed beverages while you appreciate some Arabian conventional moves and the Egyptian Tanoura move exhibitions. You can likewise enjoy the customary Arabian water pipe smoking before the dinner.

AED 250 per person for a group of four people

AED 240 per person for a group of six people

AED 230 per person for a group of twelve people

AED 220 per person for a group of thirty or more people

The prices mentioned above include the costs of:

  • Pickup from any location within Dubai or Sharjah
  • Dune Bashing
  • Sand Boarding
  • A chance to ride a camel
  • Quad biking for some extra cost
  • Unlimited coffee, tea or soft drinks
  • Arabian Belly Dance and Tanura Show
  • Alcoholic beverages for some additional cost
  • Individual fully equipped male and female toilets
  • Unlimited Sheesha
  • Dinner featuring a host of various vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine
  • Sleeping bags
  • Complimentary breakfast in the morning before departure
  • Drop off at any destination within Dubai or Sharjah

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It’s hard to get your car towed in, it leads to frustration and worrying. When any kind of harm comes to an investment like cars or trucks, worrying is common. The Bob’s 24-hour tow truck San Antonio is there to help with your towing and repair needs. They cover the entire San Antonio and make you feel comfortable with the service. Believing in making customers and satisfying their needs, they sure know how to entertain their customers. Whatever the size or shape of the car, you only need to tell them the details. They are capable enough to take care of the rest.24 hour tow truck San Antonio

They earn trust

It is true when it’s said that they earn trust, because the kind of service they provide you with. It’s amazing and the 24-hour service makes them an ideal choice for help. Accidents can occur anytime of the day and catch you off guard. The Bob’s 24-hour tow truck San Antonio understands that and take care of your satisfaction. No matter what the size or shape of the vehicle, your vehicle will get repairs wherever it needs. Make sure you provide them with the complete details of the situation. The condition of tyres, the type of vehicle and any further comments will add to the convenience for them in helping you. This way your car gets fixed without the need of towing car across town.

Another thing of concern includes the insurance claim. They are completely in favour to help you file the report. It can get hard if the concerned services are not cooperating but the Bob’s 24-hour tow truck San Antonio is not one of them. You get help the entire way and you get the refund without any hassles of inquiry. The expenses concerning vehicles can get very expensive and insurance can help with that.

Some things to take care of

Sometimes the cases which they get in are complex, and have to work on site for hours in case of an accident. Or if there is a fused engine, figuring out the cause and what action to take can take a lot of time. Even towing is a challenge sometimes and it’s not easy covering a distance in case its night time. Due to these reasons you might not be able to reach them through a phone. Waiting patiently and trying can be one thing and in situations like these the tow trucks get occupied. The Bob’s 24-hour tow truck San Antonio will help you by contacting you with other similar services in the area. They have various trusted contacts and even you can ask your opinions on the services of the ones you know.

Give them a Chance

Try the services they provide and experience it for yourselves. They are very well acquainted with the road accidents around town. That is why they think about bringing a change by being in service. Especially to the ones who run into problems on the road due to various reasons. The next time you find yourself in a pickle while on the road, give them a call.

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Most of people think that house shifting can become pretty work in between their office works and other schedules. But it can become so simple with the help of the services which are provided by man with a van. The man and van is one among the leading organization which is providing proper transportation among many parts of the London. Many people are getting connected with the professional’s services of them.

man with a van Organize early

Try to get organized in a better manner even though you are not packing things mark all the things which you need to pack in a best manner. Note all the things which you need to pack on the day and seek help from them. Check with the packages which man with a van are organizing. Some of the packages which they are offering are

  • 1 man and van
  • 2 men and van
  • 3 men and van

These are the basic plans which are available with the removals. You can choose van size from transit van to tonner truck. If you really can’t sort out your needed size of the van they can surely help you with the truck or luton van which your things needs.

Professional packages

The professional packages which are offered by them are based on complete house shifting. They come with green colored card board boxes and bubble wraps which are necessary to pack things in a safe manner. They provide professional packages even for small house as well as big houses. They don’t matter with the size of the house because their people are dedicated ones towards working for shifting without any issues. They have some of the objects like

  • Wrapping tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Gas shrink guns
  • Polythene rolls
  • Boxes
  • Mobile strapping
  • Cleaning liquids

These are some of the objects which they bring with them and you need not pay for all these because they come under the service fee for your shifting process.

Good clients

They have got some good clients all over the places of London. Since they are best and popular in providing some of the professional services there are no replacements for their services. They have better cost effective prices on good values; they come up with good strategy to quickly pack the things. They have insurance policies while transporting some of the high cost articles. Even furniture and any big plasma television can be transported with a single scratch with the help of their services. This is the reasons why most of the people are becoming some of the biggest fans of these removal agencies.

man with a van

On time

They work for hours and their payments are based on hours. That is the main reasons why they work like bees. They are never late and they help with fast packing and unpacking in a short period of time. Even within a single can your complete house can be shifted with the help of man with van services which has got 11 years of services in this field.