3 Important Reasons To Visit A Chiropractor

The first experience I ever had in the hands of a chiropractor was very surprising. Living in Los Angeles and having about 14 years of age at the time, I remember that there was a certain stigma behind the practice that was started by the famous show, Two and a Half Men. One of the main characters and skapegoat of the series, Alan Harper was seen as a freeloader with neurotic tendencies, and not to mention, chiropractic graduate of some sketchy unnamed location in Mexico.


Of course, having such a massive sitcom hit with a pop culture icon like Alan Harper caused negative repercussions in the world of chiropractic. In reality, it’s completely the opposite, as the profession nowadays is well respected and has been proven to aid various issues the human body may have without a single prescription drug. Back then, however, when the side effects of being hunched over computers all day suddenly started to come to light, people thought differently.


So there I was, walking into the home of a practitioner I had never met before, but came highly recommended for fixing posture issues, which I had developed. Yes, you read that correctly. Many chiropractors worked straight out of their homes in Los Angeles, instead of having an office space. I was skeptical about the appointment, but that all disappeared as soon as he started pointing out different areas of my body that were affected by my posture, only after glancing at me for a few moments. “You tilt your head more to the left when you think you’re standing straight, that causes the neck muscles on your left side to shrink…”


Needless to say, my body was cracked in ways I didn’t even know it could crack, and I walked out feeling rejuvenated. Since then, I’ve been consistently seeing chiropractors on a regular basis, for a variety of issues that might go from posture to stress, and even boosting my immune system. I’ve dedicated lots of time to researching the benefits of chiropractic, and most of them can be placed under those three categories. So, let’s begin:




I was once told by a Los Angeles chiropractor that back pain is the most common complaint that patients have when they come into his office. Our bodies are affected by gravity in ways such as compression of the spine throughout the day. In fact, people feel taller in the morning, and that’s because the lying down position allows space to form between the disks of the spine as we sleep, thus making us appear taller when we stand up, and eventually shrink back to their normal size as we go about our daily routines. My issue with posture developed due to how hunched over I was when I was using my phone, and since smartphones are so readily available now, posture problems in children (AKA Text Neck) is becoming a serious topic of conversation.


In today’s society, we spend most of our time at work on a computer or smartphone. However, we don’t think about the problems that may arise from all that. It is said that 10 pounds of pressure are added to the spine for every inch that your head hangs forward. I know most of you just sat straight after reading that.

Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you fight back against the tendency to develop bad posture. If you already have some posture problems, then chiropractic care can even reverse that and have you standing straight again.




As we all know, stress is the culprit of a wide range of negative effects on the human body and mind, such as deterioration of your immune system, and increased risk of stroke. Believe it or not, chiropractors can help you with that. When you’re stressed out, you tense your muscles. Continuous tension eventually causes pain and discomfort, which then results in loss of focus and energy. Chiropractors relieve stress from the muscles by adjusting the sections of the spine that have moved due to stress. They are also known to give great advice on relaxation techniques for the mind, exercise routines and nutritional suggestions which can be combined with the physical adjustments.




Out of the many facts on chiropractic I have learned through my research, one of the most interesting ones was the ability to improve the human immune system through adjustments. our nervous system and immune system work hand in hand to deliver messages to and from the brain that allow for proper healing. When they have trouble communicating is when you start to notice that it takes longer for you to get better. If you think of your spine as a long highway, then the misalignments could be seen as sections with heavy traffic and congestion. After visiting a chiropractor and getting your bones realigned properly, the congestion and traffic is freed up, allowing for smooth communication between the nervous system and the immune system.


As such, it’s hard to dismiss chiropractic as a hoax when it has been so heavily researched, with tons of well documented cases of its benefits. Posture changes, stress management and immune system improvement are 3 of the broad categories which can be helped by chiropractic, and the list of benefits goes on and on. For me, chiropractic has been an absolute game changer, and hopefully it will have the same effect on you.


Do you have any stories to share about how chiropractic helped you? We’d love to hear your comments!