How To Stop Blushing; Simple Ways To Reduce Blush

How To Stop Blushing

If you blush more often, then you know that it is not the girlish rosy glow. Well, it is so annoying that you are sitting in an interview, but you are blushing. It is highly important for your career to give the best presentations to impress the clients but you are blushing. You are on your first date sitting in front of your crush, but you are blushing. The girly blush looks good as it increases their beauty but the redness on cheeks reveals your feelings. So it is the high time to find How To Stop Blushing.

How To Stop Blushing

My Blush Story:

Now I am a grown adult and can handle my blushing. But in the past, I was unable to control my blush, and it caused many issues for me. As a matter of fact, it was terrible feeling that I am blushing and the person standing in front of me knows it. The redness on my cheeks used to take my confidence. I still remember the day when I had to present my school project. I went on the stage, and I was so nervous that I dropped my file accidentally. The whole class started laughing at me and at that time my cheeks start getting red. I was feeling that my cheeks are burning. That was the day when I thought that I am unable to do anything.

I did not stop. I became the laughing stock many times just because of my blush. And the worst part is that it lowered my confidence. I was good in studies, and after the completion of my degree, I dreamt of getting a good job. When I went for the interview, I was unable to even listen to the interviewers as I was just thinking about my red cheeks. That day I promised to myself that I would overcome my blush and become a confident person. Then I start reading content on How To Stop Blushing.

Some Tips That Worked:

Following are some ideas that worked for me:

  • I started reading the stories of people who suffered from severe blushing. It helped me a lot to overcome my blush.
  • I started thinking that I am not the only person in the world who blushes. Millions of people blush, and it is not a crime.
  • Then I worked on improving my confidence. Whenever you feel that you are blushing, divert your attention from your cheeks to somewhere else. If you do so, your blush will start reducing.
  • The tip that worked for me was that I used to maintain an eye contact while having a conversation. Though it was quite difficult in the beginning but later I became used to it, and finally I became able to look in the eyes of the person who is having a conversation with me.
  • Before giving an interview or presentation taking a deep breath also helps you to reduce nervousness.

Make yourself confident enough to handle the nervousness and embarrassment.