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Orlando, Florida, is a bustling city full of attractions and activities for people of all ages; is a well-known vacation hotspot for summertime tourists. The typical Orlando vacation is jam-packed with exciting experiences that particularly appeal to kids, but magical worlds and water parks aren’t all that Orlando has to offer.


Sprinkled amidst the flashy tourist attractions is a vibrant, thriving community of art and culture. Visitors who feel overwhelmed by the thrills of Florida will enjoy a quiet moment of tranquility when they step out of the thoroughfare of this tourist-packed city, and into the world of Orlando’s fine art. To make the most of the experience, we’re offering you this guide to the art galleries and art culture of Orlando, Florida.


Arguably the best destination vacation in the US for families with kids, Orlando is full of famous attractions like the Magic Kingdom, Universal Orlando, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Orlando’s theme park attractions can exhaust visitors with their steep prices, the crushing crowd, and overstimulating atmosphere despite the action-packed memories and family fun.


When you need a vacation from your vacation, a peaceful downtown stroll and a tour of Orlando’s art and culture is the way to go! If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of the best cultural, pop-culture, and fine art galleries the city has to offer!


Touring Orlando’s Art and Culture


The Top 5 Art Galleries of Orlando Florida


1. CityArts Orlando

The CityArts Factory in Orlando Florida, is possibly the best art gallery to visit in the city! Its collection includes a wide array of ultra-creative art pieces, many of which showcase the talent of local artists. More than that, the CityArts Factory offers a wide variety of events and activities that will interest the whole family.


The CityArts Factory is more than just a gallery – it’s an experience! One of their particularly popular events is “Art After Dark,” in which patrons can grab food and drinks and tour several local art vendors. It’s like an artistic farmer’s market! The presence of local artists is by far the best part about CityArts. Not only are they a staple in supporting Orlando’s art community, but doing so allows them to showcase a wide variety of unique pieces from some very talented locals! When it comes to choosing an art gallery to visit in Orlando, CityArts should be at the top of anyone’s list!


2. Bronze Kingdom

The Bronze Kingdom is home to nearly 2,000 pieces of African artwork, including bronze and wood sculptures, beaded art, and more! According to one reviewer from Trip Advisor, their collection spans the entire African continent. It is possibly the most impressive collection of African art you will find outside of a museum!

The Bronze Kingdom art gallery is a little out of the way, but it’s a great place to stop on your way to or from the airport. Please plan to spend about an hour appreciating their collection.



3. Bijutsu-Kan Gallery

A stunning museum-like art gallery; featuring exhibits that showcase Japanese culture in more ways than one! Enjoy getting a glimpse of modern artistic influences in Japan when you visit one of their pop-culture exhibits or indulge in an ethnically beautiful journey back in time when you marvel at Bijutsu’s magnificent architecture, sculptures, and traditional works of art. The building itself is worth the trip!


If you’re planning to visit the Epcot theme park, Bijutsu-Kan Gallery is a short 14-minute walk away, and you won’t be disappointed! If you have kids, check to see whether they are hosting their Kawaii exhibit, which showcases Japan’s “cute culture” and includes a number of Japanese toys, stuffed animals, and kid-friendly sights. It’s a great way to get your kids into art!


4. Boom-art by Rogers Studio

This husband-wife team has created an artistic experience for its customers, the likes of which has never been seen! Their eye-catching artwork is alive with color and very reminiscent of the ’60s. The pieces you find here are a creative, action-packed snapshot of a style that will forever have a place in American hearts. If you’re looking for a wild and crazy artistic experience full of nostalgic undertones and support their small family business, Boom-art by Rogers Studio is the place to go!


5. SNAP! – Orlando

According to Snap – their gallery is: contemporary, creative, and spontaneous! That is an accurate description of Snap’s ever-changing schedule of engaging events and modern cultural and pop-culture exhibits. One of the things that help Snap make this list is their commitment to showcasing digital arts – a rarity in the art galleries’ world! If you’re staying at the DoubleTree downtown hotel on Ivanhoe Boulevard, Snap is just a few minutes away. It’s well worth the visit, but before you go, visit their website to check out their schedule and plan ahead!


Visiting art galleries in Orland Florida is a great way to take the edge off! Many Orlando art galleries are passionate about their effort to support local artists. Most offer more than just art! These art hubs offer a wide array of activities to suit your mood, from classes to guest speakers to private and public events.


Touring Galleries of Art and Culture in Orlando Florida


CityArts is arguably one of the best places to visit – especially if you’re looking for some interactive experiences, or indulging in the local art culture!

People who are especially interested in art events should also check out Snap while they’re at it!

You should visit the mom and pop pair who operate Boom-art by Rogers Studio if you’re the sort of art connoisseur who is into edgy or vintage art. They are amazing people, and it’s an excellent opportunity to support local businesses.


Not all of Orlando’s artistic haunts involve action-packed events, shows, and interactive opportunities. There are a couple of galleries you won’t want to miss if you’re looking for a quiet place to digest cultural art and expand your horizons.


The Bronze Kingdom and the Bijutsu-Kan Gallery are two such places. Even though the Bronze Kingdom is a bit out of the way, its expansive collection of African artworks, spanning the entire continent of Africa, is well worth a look! A better option for kids would be the Bijutsu-Kan Gallery, which offers a snapshot of Japanese modern art and historical periods. The entire building is a work of art in and of itself, and kids will love the “Kawaii” exhibit, which showcases Japan’s modern “cute culture.”


While there are plenty of art galleries, events, and sights to see that you can slip into a busy itinerary full of Disney, theme parks, and other great attractions, sometimes you need to set aside a day for art to “take it all in.” That’s why we’ve compiled a list of art museums you can check out in Orlando city and its surrounding suburbs.



Other Art Experiences in Orlando Florida


Cornell Fine Arts Museum


The Cornell Fine Arts Museum is a favorite haunt for people looking to spend their day admiring an inspirational collection of art. Their vast collection of contemporary works appeals to all audiences, and many of their pieces celebrate cultural diversity. This is a great opportunity for young adults to assimilate important cultural viewpoints and perspectives through the vector of art.


The artwork they offer is best summarized in the director’s own words: “At CFAM, we are fortunate to have a contemporary collection that has been built around themes of social engagement, civic-mindedness, and a diversity of points of view.”


Orlando Museum of Art


According to the Orlando Museum of Art, their mission is “…to inspire creativity, passion and intellectual curiosity by connecting people with art and new ideas.” This, they achieve through their expansive schedule of events, programs, and more!


Aside from the activities they offer, the museum is full of exquisite sculptures and works of fine art. Their spectacular attractions will transport your mind to a faraway place full of inspiration and creativity. The building itself is beautiful, with a curved frame and windowed walls that create an architectural journey to enhance your experience as you journey through their impressive collection.



The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art


With almost five stars on Yelp and 128 reviews, no list of museums would be complete without including The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art! Few museums offer an artistic experience that hits so close to home.


The museum is full of beautiful stained glass pieces, many of which are Christian-inspired, and other works of art that commemorate the rich artistic history of America. Many of their pieces are utilitarian sculptures, like lamps. The architecture of the building will take your breath away, and there is one chandelier, in particular, that is always a bit of a favorite for visitors.


Located in Winter Park, a suburb of Orlando, the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art is a go-to place for people looking to spend their day immersed in art, architecture, sculpture, and history.

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